Home Additions

Home Additions

Home addition projects, while still a project that requires some heavy lifting, can be an exciting venture. Adding additional footage to your home, allows you to create the additional space you need for your growing family, or expanding life, without needing to relocate, or find a home that meets the conditions. Best of all, you get to direct the vision in order to create the means to meet those conditions. In addition to adding space, it may also allow you to modify and update some existing space attached, as well as potentially include a remodeling project into the work scope, allowing some more functionality improvements on your already beloved home.

Home addition projects are typically a little simpler for the homeowner, as typically its working the majority out of the living space, and it’s all new, so once you’re done with the preliminary work (demolition and foundation) there are typically very limited surprises. Typically, on home addition projects, we can get the bulk of the work done in the addition, and dried in, before opening the area or exposing it to the remainder of the home.

Home addition projects still require a skilled builder to perform though. There are many factors to take into account while building the addition and designing the addition. Such as, creating a uniform design for floor levels with existing, and exterior design, as not to indicate that the addition was a very limited after thought. Our design-build method and process is our cornerstone, and we imply this with every project we do. Also, having knowledge of the municipality requirements from the beginning is a key resource, as to not have to change the addition plan after submitting for review, because regulations weren’t considered during the initial design phases.

Patterson Custom Builders would love the chance to help you with your home addition project- from design to warranty, we can be your source for a simple solution to your home upgrade needs. Outside of additions, please check out our page regarding Remodeling & Renovations, as typically addition projects require minor portions of this work at a minimum.

We are proud to offer home addition services including, but not limited to: Kitchen Addition, Master Suite Additions, Bathroom Additions, Living Room additions, Bonus Room Additions, Attic Finish Out, Basement Finish Out, Garages, Dormers, Multi-Room/Use Additions, Sunrooms, Offices, and Entertainment/ Fitness Rooms.
We have even created sound-proof rooms for band practicing at Residential Residences!

Below is the typical process for a project with Patterson Custom Builders.

Consultation: At this stage, when you reach out to our team, we will first take down some primary information about the project and what you are trying to achieve. During this communication we will try to get general information about your project including type of addition- including room types in the additional space, anticipated timeline- including any potential deadline needs or requirements, and preliminary budget you have in mind for this project. We will then schedule a site meeting with you at your home to discuss the project, take measurements, create some preliminary drawings and schematics in order to create a budget, and achieve a better understanding of the goals and desires for your project. Following the initial consultation, we will provide a detailed estimate, or a budget, for your project, and supply you with this for review and further discussion with our team. Following the review and discussion of the proposal we provide, we can then further any discussion and make small changes to fit your needs.
For complex or detailed projects, we typically start a services contract following the initial proposal, and commence a design phase and detailed budget based on plans and selections, in order to provide the most accurate detailed final proposal.

Design: We have design staff in place to create plans for your project, as well as to assist with product recommendations and interior designing of your project if you desire. They will act as a liaison helping you design your project as well as compiling the selections in a professional manner for the construction team’s clear instruction, as well as a hard record for the homeowner’s information package. In addition to the outlined services above, our team will provide feedback in other areas, such as efficient functionality, space planning, any value engineering that can be created, and any potential budget affect- positively and negatively. Planning your project effectively and efficiently is our main concern during this phase of our process.

Construction: Following the project design, we will commence with the construction phase of the project. This is where your dreams and ideas start to come to life. Throughout the project, one of our project managers will be assigned directly to your project- and will be conducting site visits daily, managing our team members, suppliers, and subcontractors to provide the highest quality product for your project. You will have direct access to communicate with the project manager at all times, as well as other staff members of our team. The project manager will conduct a site walkthrough with you weekly in order to review progress, answer questions you may have, provide any upcoming needed information or selections needed from you that may be pending from design team, and provide feedback on any challenges or un-expected issues encountered during the current work scope. As a final step, our staff will complete a pre-punch walkthrough identifying any items needing additional correction at this time. Following our walkthrough, we typically do a walkthrough with our client, allowing them to point out any additional corrections they may see, that we could have overlooked. Following this visit, our team will correct all items that have been identified, in preparation for a final walkthrough. The project manager will conduct a final walkthrough with you, ensuring all items related to the project are satisfactory to our team, as well as the client. Our goal throughout the construction phase is to keep you informed on the progression of the project, provide exceptional quality in the product we are constructing, and exceed your expectations all throughout the process.

Post-Construction: Following the completion of the project, the relationship with Patterson Custom Builders is not concluded. We will return at a 90-day interval to complete any punch items that have been discovered within that initial period following construction. We also provide a standard 1-year warranty on all project related items, and we will return for a second interval at 11-months to take care of any items that have been discovered during that time, including nail-pops which are common in any construction period throughout the 1st year. In addition to our standard warranty, many of the products and suppliers we offer and utilize carry warranties that extend longer than 1 year, and we will provide details regarding all of this information in a homeowner package at the completion of the project. Patterson Custom Builders also has the honor of being affiliated as a member, which only vetted and stable builders are able to obtain, in order to be able to provide Limited Warranty Packages for projects- inclusive of new construction as well as existing homes to provide even more assurance that our projects are backed with all that can be offered. The Limited Warranty Packages differ per project, so please inquire about this during the initial consultation regarding more information for the specific project you are requesting. More information regarding our Limited Warranties Programs, and warranty procedure, can be found on our Warranty Central page on our website.

For examples of our product we provide, please visit our Residential Photo Gallery page. In addition, following a consultation, one of our team members would be more than willing to take you to a few of our available new construction homes to see first-hand some of our work. As well as potentially we often have current or recently completed projects that we have permission to do so, when we have clients that offer us to do so that are pleased and willing to show off their great spaces- to a limit of course.

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